Diane M Scabilloni

Inspirational Author~Spiritual Encourager~Speaker


About Me

Diane is an Inspirational Children's Book Author

As an inspirational author, my children’s books are written from the heart allowing readers to see their personal gifts from God and live their best life!


What People Say

"RULERS DON’T MEASURE is a ideal way to create some discussion between a parent and a child about feeling good about yourself.   And to learn how important it is to focus on being the best you can be!!   Being the best you can be takes a lifetime.   Your book is such a good beginning lesson to be the best you can be!!"

— David Newell, Empowerd Publicity's Neighborly Reviews Bookcast

Diane is a Spiritual Encourager and Speaker

She is an authentic and inspiring speaker for your students (ages 5-14), churches, women’s groups or small groups.


She shares personal stories of her spiritual journey with the objective of providing tools for a more connected, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

For adults or teens looking to strengthen their spiritual toolbox:

Using small group workshops to:

Lovingly and spiritually clear mindset blocks

Find truth of own gifts and authentic identity

Have joyful confidence in who you were created to be

For educators :

Using books to start conversations:

Discuss hard to talk about topics with young children

Allow students to see their unique personal gifts

Book readings and inspirational discussion


My Why

My books are simple ways to realign our thoughts with the Creator’s thoughts of us. Once we are lined up with God’s thoughts…we see the big picture for our lives. Our limited thinking falls away.


There are big plans for every single child’s life! It is to be joyful, creative, energizing, fun and filled with ease and flow.

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